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Pilates tucking & neutral spine

In Pilates we talk about the core all the time, “use your core.”  This does not mean tucking to get use of the core. It actually means letting the spine enjoy the last curve, the lumbar lower curve and not tucking.  So often I see & hear students say “oh that’s what I was taught.  Bruce King (One of Joseph disciples, there were 6 he was 1) talked about leaving the spine as it is which is not talking the curve out of it.  He was my teacher.

More to come about the core.

student on ball

Spine, Part 2

So now we know more then we did before about the spine.

More fact about how we might “use” ourselves around posture and uprightness.

I like to think of the spine a a long beautiful pole that has 3 curves, moves & has flexibility.

WE want to think about LENGTHING through the spine, not pulling down and collapsing.

So what do we mean when we say that.    It is usually when we feel back pain, compression and are folding in 1/2 under our rib or any other place through the spine.  We want to un-do that and length up, out through our heads.  Like a whale with a spout!!! UP TO THE HEAVENS!

more to come…..