Thoughts for the Day

Two thoughts for the day:

  1. Remember we have choices — we can slump or we can sit upright. Alexander Technique teaches us that.
  2. Lengthen your spine like there is a string holding you up from the heavens. This is especially important to remember when you’re sitting at the computer.

The “Means Whereby”

When we talk about the “means whereby,” we are talking about what happens from the start of an activity to the end of the activity.  This is usually the time when we are implementing unconscious movement and it’s the time we need to be more aware of.

Some examples are:

  • How do you we hold our toothbrush while brushing?
  • What happens when we run late?
  • How do we take the time while putting on our coats, boots, gathering our keys, closing the door?

We need to be more aware of these moments and how we’re using our body. We have more time than we think we do.

When we’re not being constantly pulled down and in during these activities, we have more space for our bodies to work more efficiently. This creates more body awareness (in space) as we go through these small movements. These movements are the “means whereby.”

Educating Speakers & Singers

Vocal health Un-slumping:

Singers and executive speakers think your body as a large container that the sound moves up & out of. Undo the slumping and lengthen up through that whole container. It’s elegant not because we are trying to be elegant but because we are unslumping and the sound carries up & out.


Learning to Pivot Efficiently

Working with a group of Physical Therapists at Riverside PT, I showed them the importance of their hinges and how we need to get into a practice of utilizing them rather than relying completely on our spine (where there is no hinge).

Hinges work on a ball and socket and rotate more freely. An example is your hip socket.

When you go to use the computer, or pick up a heavy object, use the hip sockets to fold over and get closer. This implements the Alexander Technique in your everyday life.

Spine 3

Tips for Sitting at the computer

It’s about sitting on those “sits bones” and for support move up out the top of your head and your spine will follow. Think you spine like a lovely building moving up to the sky.  Your sits bone are the basement and the head your penthouse!

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