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Alexander Technique

Strength In Balance offers training in the unique practise of the Alexander Technique. A practise used by people of all ages and professions. From people suffering from back and neck pain, Scoliosis, spinal stenosis,
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Strength In Balance offers teaching in the practise of Pilates. Anyone who suffers from weak core strength can benefit from Pilates, for example those who suffer from back & neck pain.
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About Gwynne

Presently at Strength In Balance Gwynne Marshall maintains her Alexander Technique and Pilates private practices in New York City and upstate New York. She has continues her post graduate work with…
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We are located at 623 West End Ave, Suite #1A, NY.NY. Very easy to get to via public transportation…
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“As a tall man who believed he was doomed to a life of chronic back problems, the Alexander Technique changed my life substantively. Learning the Technique allowed me to stop constantly re-injuring myself, as I used to do. Now whenever I find that the stresses of corporate life are taking a toll on my body, I go to Gwynne for immediate relief and a great refresher on how to care for my body when I’m under stress.”

Tony F., Upper West Side

” I went to Gwynne for Alexander Technique lessons after I injured my back. These lessons not only reduced my pain, but also let me to feel more confidant, comfortable, and free in daily life. After being too nervous to exercise because of my injury, I started to do Pilates with Gwynne because I trust her knowledge of the mechanics of the body. Through Pilates I became stronger and more flexible and enjoyed doing so ”

Jennie K., Lower East Side

“Gwynne Marshall has been my teacher for several years. She is not only a very fine teacher, but also a gentle and compassionate instructor. Taking into consideration my age and beginner status when we started, I have progressed amazingly under her tutelage. Gwynne is erudite, well read and talented. I depend on her for my physical health. It has been my pleasure to work with her.”


” Unbelievable! Keith LOVED his session today! I haven’t heard him this excited about something self-constructive for years, so thank you! thank you! thank you!. He’s said he’s 2″ taller already – I can’t wait to see him!”

Bobby, West Side